The Kalmyk's Tinfoil Hat Happy Hour (aka Most Useless Thread on MTBNJ)

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Which one is the Hort 2? Closest to Ryder’s Lane or closer to the old Devry?

Since it was so close to my house and I've never heard/knew about it I went splorin. You can only access it from the nb side of rt1 behind the now defunct farm, the sb side is blocked with a gate to the cow pasture. Not worth checking out but I guess if you really want to it's not hard to get to. Surprisingly little graffiti or signs of squatters which was shocking.


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I get annoyed whenever I read about Zhukov being some amazing general....greatest of WWII...The fucking guy lost more of his soldiers in ONE MONTH than all US generals, in all battles combined throughout the war. His "quality" was his ability to carelessly send his own men to the slaughter.
I think the statistic is won by total number of dead soldiers, regardless the side they were on. Not a concern for most generals anyway...would it make sense that way?


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Geez - i can't get that geometry class out of my mind now...

opposite angles are congruent....
The sum of the interior angles of a convex polygon is (n-2)*180
Opposite interior/exterior angles are equal..

i could also point out that adding the base to the 7 angle figure breaks the rule established by the figures labeled angles 1 & 4.

am i in? :)

I'm feeling the need to bisect something.
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