The Kalmyk's Tinfoil Hat Happy Hour (aka Most Useless Thread on MTBNJ)


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Schweet. The tunnel goes to Hort 2. I honestly thought if you did happen across the post you would be someone to confirm it existed. You’ve mentioned to me you worked there.
It must go under Ryders lane? I never noticed a tunnel, but then again I was never looking for one. I do recall an old farm across the road that looked abandoned.

The Kalmyk

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The Kalmyk

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When should I be worried my RHR is too low?

Based on that graph I'm a teenage pro athlete, I think that may be a bit...wrong.

I give my garmin a 5bpm margin of error being that it doesn’t actually measure the heart rate. I have slept with a heart strap on and gotten rhr numbers anywhere between 44-52bpm and trust me, in older than you😳😬


No way really😜

Well my resting gets down to my sleeping rate. Id hate to analyze into paralysis. You understand Rick.. right😉

I don't measure any of this crap but sleep number says my low sleeping heart rate is 47. Have no idea how accurate that is. This is my heart rate just now after coming back from a mtb ride, eating lunch, them lying down for 2 minutes. Not bad for 64!

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