The July 31/31 Classic p/b Halter's, JORBA, & MTBNJ


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Day 10. Tale of two rides. First, local Weldon WMA loop with a couple of guys I recently started riding with. End of ride, hit the deck about 50 yards from trail head. Rocks were really slick. Bruised knee and hip pretty good

Second, met coworkers plus SOs at Angry Erik's for a ride along the rail trails, followed by beers. This is the first time my wife has ridden a bike in almost 20 years. She wants a new bike.

We also figured out that three of us started at company 9 years ago to the day. We have traveled to Spain, Italy, France, NZ, WA, CA, Bourbon Country and countless other places, with and without partners/spouses. I am lucky to work with people I truly consider my friends.









Had to wait out the rain for this one so made it a short one. Reaville rd was closed about a mile from our house and it's my primary safe way west across 202 so kept going to see why - a pole was down on the road by the big farm but the wires were still intact and 8 ft over the road so easy to get by. Luckily the Raritan twp police were all at dunkin donuts church and the only traffic control was some private traffic control guys in a van who yelled at me as I whizzed by their blockade on the other side. 10 minutes later, a bee lands on my neck and stings me - and I was going over 20 mph. How does that happen??

Anywho, stopped for a pic at this little creek. FYI to local fisherman, a very big largemouth bass cruises around this bridge.

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