The July 31/31 Classic p/b Halter's, JORBA, & MTBNJ


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7/10 - I'm better than Utah.


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Team MTBNJ Halter's

Big day on the bike today. Rode some gravel, part of Landsdown Trail, and the Columbia Trail. We saw an escaped pig (see photo), and some chickens. I enjoyed a fruit smoothie and shared some coffee and an apple cider donut at the coffee spot on Columbia Trail. We were psyched they let us use the drive thru. We saw two black bears on Long Road that were just far enough away to not totally freak us out. We decided getting away was a better choice than asking them to pose for pics. Eventful and long day, but it was good to shock the system and get a bigger ride in.


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Have to say, mornings like this are my least favorite weather, air so heavy and gross I just don’t feel good.
One of the coaches from the NICA team told me about a big tree down at our practice park, so I went to take care of it. For those who have not experienced it, getting 20+ kids around a big tree it’s a much longer process than it should be. On that note, we have 39 kids this year.
This one was fairly impressive as it managed to block the trail in three spots and was about 18” at the trunk. My new EGO saw tore right through this in no time. After that, I spent some time trimming some exceptional sharp prickers to round out about 50 min.
After that, just a slow ride to scout the trails for NICA, which starts this week.
Oh, and the berries are popping.

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