The July 31/31 Classic p/b Halter's, JORBA, & MTBNJ


JORBA: Director

More neighborhood ridin', this time with the soon-to-be 8th grader. We did telephone pole intervals for a bit on the road ride home. Him on 29x2.6 Nobby Nic front and a 2.25 ground control on the rear, me with 40c file treads @ 45 psi. He beat me by a wheel on the first one, lost by a wheel on the second, and beat me by 2 bike lengths+ for the rest. His power to weight is scary.

Wild Blueberries are starting to pop in the neighborhood, just as the wineberries are popping in Philly. We stopped a few times to fill up. I've eaten wild berries of some sort on each of my last 3 rides, one of my favorite things about summer.

15.39mi / 1:19:52 Moving Time



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6/20+ and 6th day in a row.

Just when I thought I was out today I found a window to ride after dinner which I would
Never do if not for this event.

Pushed the pace a bit since tmw is my wedding anniversary and I won’t be riding but still in for 20+ I hope.

Misjudged how quick the sun goes down but I always ride with my 700 Lumens Niterider day or night. Surprised how few cars were around and the light was much needed and helped draw the attention I wanted from other drivers.

Once it got dark I clicked it to headlight mode and as I was coming up a short hill some male version of a Karen was walking his dog and says “hey that’s some light you got there it was blinding me you should get a ticket. “. As I keep riding and turned the corner my response was “ it’s nice and bright so I can spot morons like you and also not get dead from passing cars. “. 🤨

I think I got pelted with about 100 fireflies once it was dark a few of them pelted off my amber glasses too.



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Ever notice how so many people start their write ups with "Day/ride X in the books". What books? Who on earth would write A book about this contest, let alone more than one book? These silly expressions really take the cake.

In-the-books meaning​


(idiomatic) Finished; concluded; able to be regarded as a matter of record.

As we are "recording" these rides, I believe it's skoocum. I had guessed it came from accounting, as in the general ledger/books...but I was wrong.

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I see that my after-work, but also after-midnight, day six ride has been judged invalid; fair enough, rules are rules.

While I respect the decision, it's now clear to me that we MUST pack the court with more liberal judges.

Much respect to everyone who rode in the sun today, I don't know how you did it; it was still hot as hell at midnight.

Riding along the boardwalk tonight, I stopped to take a picture of a small plaque on the carousel building (I never noticed it before). My parents rode that carousel on their first date in 1951.

Mom and dad were married for 57 years when my dad passed. What a great generation; they just don't make people who can endure that kind of torture anymore.

Check out my activity on Strava:

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Day 8 - more spinny spin spin...

I was working until almost midnight last night, so that 4 AM alarm this morning was painful. Also resulted in no pictures. Pre-dawn clouds over the river hinted at a possible pretty sunrise, but it turned out to be "meh..."

I would like to know where/how the Bolt thought I went 53MPH during this ride... :shrug:

It looks like tomorrow could be a wet one, although the forecast has improved and there just might be a dry window in the AM. We shall see...
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