The July 31/31 Classic p/b Halter's, JORBA, & MTBNJ


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Helped a turtle across the trail. Vic mentioned it but I've seen a bunch of turtle this year more so then I can recall.


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Whoever is tracking, what is the red list? I figure the two shirts, socks and velcro things I got in the mail recently has me green...


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I'm in. Though I will have three drives to/from New Hampshire during the month of July, so it will be an extra challenge for me to get an hour of riding in before or after the long drive. Can I prefund my mulligan? I saw someone mentioned that there is a tree hanging low over a trail at Dickerson Mine...

Day 1


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July 1, I found my bike.
Didn't weigh myself, let's guess 195.

Since I didn't make the Classic Bike Ride at LM, and the classic bike was all tuned up,
I gave it a bit of a test ride - on the road. ok, and 1/2 mile of trail.
Also took my old iPhone (see DIY thread) to the post office. Sold on eBay. 💲

Anywho - early 90s Marin. Seat and bars set too low. I have a quill stem converter to use modern stem/bars.
It would ruin the look.


1:14 moving
13.6 miles


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July 1

I infrequently ride in the a.m. hours but today I figured I’d get out before the heavier rain. I’m often battling the setting sun in the evenings.

Fortunately, I was in the right place at the right time to carry a tiny turtle across the road before possibly getting squished by traffic. Here is a picture of him on the while line demarking the shoulder, and it seems that his shadow impairs his natural coloring/camoflage, which betrays his location.

Even the short rides aren’t flat - the elevation profile looks like a half-pipe.





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The non rain parts of the day so far have perfectly lined up with all my work meetings.

The rain parts of the day have lined up with my free time.

During this rain part I finally got one of the requirements nailed down and signed up for JORBA out of guilt for not doing it sooner and so that I dont have FOMO on this contest.

Day's not over will attempt to find a way to get 60 minutes of ride time somehow...
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