The Great October MTBNJ Get-Out-There Competition

It was the return to Newman's lot for Fun Monday at CR/WVP !

i was expecting 200-300 people to show, and was going to go all @pooriggy with ride organization. hammer-heads, turtles, and a couple in between.

Luckily, overflow parking was not needed, as i pulled into the lot at 5:25 to find @Glenn Rides After 4 PM CST and @jklett ready to roll.
Couple of familiar cars there - that giant blue van, and the small white hatchback, but they were already gone.
Aired up with Glenn's fancy pump, cause the garage ate mine, and out we went for a white, gilbride connector, ballfield (both ways), orange-to-guardrail, red, abbreviated blue.

I immediately fall in the water crossing on white. i was trying to take a dry line, looked down, put the front wheel in a hole and stalled the bike.
Splash! when we got behind the ballfield, i noticed my computer wasn't running. so lost all those PRs.

With the cloud cover, it was dark at 6:45. Even darker if someone forgot their lights - which wasn't Jason or me. :D

It never rained while we were on the bikes, but by the time I got off the ridge, the ground was wet. so good timing.

Fun times! We went a little faster today, with shorter breaks. Group speed is coming up!

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I wish I could join you guys, this seems fun. Can you move CR a little bit further north so that I can make it?


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watts the whats/kg for a See ryde?
2.7-3.2 w/kg - we were making 2.9ish in the peloton. group leader did a great job of moving the fence, and
encouraging people that wanted to work harder to jump out front without exceeding the advertised average.

i had to get off the bike for a health break at the 30 minute mark last week, so i have no idea if i can hold on for 60 minutes.
managed to stick on a b ride for 30 a couple weeks back, so hopeful.

edit: this wasn't the C ride i did, this group looks a little faster.....uh oh
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Solo ride at Nassau. I did loops and loops and more loops to try and accumulate miles. Oh, with new wheels and purple things on my bike!
I met a guy who was riding with 5 or 6 NICA kids and we chatted for a while. He asked me to coach, but I don't think I can add another thing to my plate right now. It was cool seeing them all making the best use of their day off from school though!