The annual "What did you get???" thread


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new 900 lumens light ( won't say the brand but SUPPOSEDLY this is the newer updated version) 5 LED Tail light, Fox Incline gloves, 2 Kryptonite locks, and a Cycle Ops indoor trainer . I guess my family is thinking I'm gonna take my new hobby seriously! I'm gonna try .....


SRAM X-9 Shifters and Rear Der, SLX Crankset. Bought myself and gave to my wife to wrap.


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Got a Garmin Edge 500, a calorie and nutrition counting food scale, Skins compression socks and two DVDs :popcorn:: "Chasing Legends" (which I can't recommend strongly enough!) and "Bicycle Dreams" (which I haven't watched yet - its about the RAAM.) Time to think about the 2011 season!


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Picked up my road bike on X-mas Eve (was actually a 40th B-day present from my family earlier in December). Can't wait to ride it after the last 5 years of riding an old MTB on the road. F*ckin' blizzard.......

Also got a couple of boxes of Gu, a water bottle, Performance gift card.


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i got these..from my santalady!


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I got a vintage 32 hole high flange bolt on front hub, $5.:D

And the wife got a BMW 535xi...:hmmm: ahh never mind.


Wool socks, fleece, a garmin etrex, xcountry skis (perfect timing with the snow), some cash that will turn its self into winter riding/xcountry gloves and a stick mixer for making some wicked tomato basil ginger soup without making a mess. I must have been good this year!
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