The Allaire beginner rides have ended for this year...


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So with sunset at 7:15 ish this Tuesday I think we are done for the season this year.
Just want to thank everyone who came out for our rides and of course the JORBA folk that help make these run as good as they do.
I do normally ride both days on the weekend early and have no problems giving a tour if anyone wants to come out for an early ride.
just let me know and see you all in the spring for some more after work rides.
We also do a ride after each TM session so if anyone wants to come on ou for those as well the next TM is 10-2


I Get Jokes
Looking forward to next season!..... need to steal 'my' friends back from my wife. She's claiming you all as hers. I said she can have Frank, but Mitch and Mike are mine!

Arwen's Mom

Mother of Dragons, Breaker of Chains
seen someone with a little dog at six mile yesterday..
that may have been me, did she look like this:

Tony G

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Yes it was on and off of the little lanyard connected to the bike.I was a fat guy on a fat bike..

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