The 29er Experiment Continues

Yeah, you hacks have slandered my pure thread. Sheesh.

What do you guys have against crap sandwiches anyway?
Really...this thread started out good and just went south real quick.

Sorry, crap sandwich just sounds funny.
OK, back to my question. norm, are you considering any 26 fs race rigs, like the racer x that Chris G is selling?
OK, back to my question. norm, are you considering any 26 fs race rigs, like the racer x that Chris G is selling?

Nope. If I were going to do that I would just buy SLRs for the FS bike I have.
hey chris, i'll throw another monkey wrench into your fork delima: the walt works forks are pretty sweet.

if it were me building a custom bike, i would 110% go with a suspension corrected fork and geometry. why? simple: if you're laying out that kind of cash for a bike, you should make sure you have every option open to you in the event that:
a) you love the bike more than your own mother and want want the option to ride it every place under the sun as SS/rigid/geared/suspened/underwater/etc
b) you hate it and want to try it another way.

i don't think you have anything to gain by NOT going suspension corrected other than pigeon holing yourself into a rigid SS bike forever. that's my two cents.
One of the other big benefits of non-suspension-corrected is a longer head tube which results in a stiffer/stronger frame. It doesn't have to just be about lower bars. And non-sus-corrected forks can be stiffer with less weight since there's obviously a couple inches less metal in 'em.

If it were me, I'd go sus-corrected, though, as I'm sure I'd want to at least try a suspension fork at some point in the future...
Sorry Norm...

Jake: I've been hip to Walt's stuff for a long time. He does do really nice forks, reminiscent of the old Fat City segmented fork. I dig them, but I think I'll either be going with Vicious again (that's what I have on my Bontrager) or carbon.

Jamie: Excellent points. I am now leaning toward suspension-corrected, since this thing will cost a bit of $ and I do want to keep my options open in the long-term.

Thanks for your input, gents.
chris, since you weigh about as much as a humming bird after a down pour, i'd probably look at either a pace or a bontrager carbon fork.

norm, you can't go carbon, nor do i think you'd want to with a 29er geared race bike.
Which fork are you using on the rigid bike? I'm in the process of planning a custom 29er and I'm going bananas deciding on the fork.

I've been on a rigid 26" for a couple of years now and love the idea of building a 29er with a non-suspension corrected (i.e. shorter A-C) fork and having a lower front end. The only issue is guarding against the future possiblity of wanting to add a suspension fork.


Currently I am running a carbon Bontrager Switch Blade and have tried the On-One steel fork as well.
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