Thanks Darkhorse

Great weather, great course, great support, Great race!!!!

I cant say enough about these guys, this is the way xc racing should be..

Thanks again. see you next year.... Mike


Mike, thanks for the vote of confidence. My race partner "Hawiian" Mike and myself have made it a goal to build this race into what we want to see on the race scene, and seems we're on the right track. Once I get over my poison ivy, and hangover, I'll start thinking about haow to improve it next year. George


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From the looks of things you already have it quite well figured out. I couldn't find anything to change...maybe more beer? ;)


i think we can arrange for more beer! not like it will go to waste!!

thanks again for coming out to our crazy little race party! we appreciate your support!


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I heard someone at start say this was the first time you guys marked the miles. It can in handy when my computer stopped working. At least I had a clue where I was. (Add that to the list of things that broke on my bike) :D

Thanks again for an awesome race!!!!!!!
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