Thanks alot! Hell on the way.



Got this from the Hellride organizers last night:

Well, you're in!

Make your plans, get to Yuba Expeditions in Downieville, CA, by sometime on Thursday, July 31. We'll have some bikes ready for you, and places for you to stay, and food for you to eat. The earlier that day you arrive, the more time you'll have to get familiar with the bikes you'll be riding. The bikes will either be our just released new Nomad, or Blur LTs. In either case, they will be set up the same for everyone - single front ring in a size determined by Rachel for the females and Mark for the males, RockShox Lyrik forks, WTB WeirWolf 2.55LT tires, kinda medium heavy wheels. The bikes that are up for grabs are going to be new Nomads, regardless of what you ride. They look like this:


A huge thanks to everyone that helped out and got me to the finish in first place! Now I need to close the deal with a win on the trail!

More news to come.

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