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monkey boy

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And you, and you, and you,
Huge thanks to everyone who helped support LaClassica Diaz this year.

Cycle Craft,
With out them this year would not have been the success we are anticipating.

Huge thanks for the bike. That will be more appreciated by the kids in Peru than you can imagine.

Town Cycle,
All the product support will go "miles" with the people in Peru. Also the ability to store equipment in the attic was a huge help. I just hope next year we can move more stuff out for you.

Cycle Sport,
Thank you for the product support. Every little thing counts.

Please support these fine Local Bike Shops. Three independent retailers put aside competitive differences and came together for the greater good of children in Peru who don't have the means we do here in the U.S.

Finally thank you to everyone and anyone who donated time, parts, or money the event. Your karma account is a bit larger for this.

I will post up photos ect. when I return



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Travel safe, Monkey Boy.

It is 5:51 PM and nobody has called to inform me that I won the Cannondale...bummer...:(


El Guac-Oh
That is because they called me :scared::scared::scared::scared::scared:

I just got home and listened to the message on my VM... I am calling the shop now!!!


El Guac-Oh
SI, unless the guys at Cycle Craft are playing a joke on me...

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