Ten things I think I think...(9/23)


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1. I love Surly. My Cross-Check started out as a Fixed gear bike. Then it became my geared ultra-distance rig. Now, it is sporting cross tires and doing what it is intended to. When I think of Surly, words like Elegant Simplicity and Utilitarian come to mind.

2. The CX faithful pride themselves in racing in bad conditions. It hadn't rained in weeks but it came down 30 minutes before my CX race. Just enough to get me all wet and make the course slick as snot. Do they cancel the race if it is sunny and pleasant?

3. CX promoters are the smartest guys on two wheels. Find a grassy field with some slope to it. Unroll 10 miles of caution tape and make a maze. Collect money from those who want to find their way through the maze. No cops or marshals required. The course is spread over the size of a few football fields. A small number of people (like three) can setup, host, and break down the entire event.

4. Rt 15 in Sussex Cnty. is a joke. It goes from a hilly version of the GS Parkway to a one-lane back road. Of course when it goes to one-lane, they decided to erect the antique center of the universe, Lafayette, NJ. There are at least five antique shops at an intersection with only four corners. Just beyond that is a outdoor flea market. Does everyone's junk feel the gravitational pull to this town.

5. I like these noon race starts. I don't have to wake up at 4am. My wife doesn't like late starts. I got home at 7pm. On Sat. and Sun., I gave my kids breakfast and then showered them before bed.

6. It's nice to show up at a MTB race after a 3 year hiatus and everyone still remembers my name and welcomes me back. Good group of people.

7. I do 15 or so Road races and get nothing more than praise from teammates. I do two MTB races and come home with two medals and a little cash. It's a little easier to justify to family when you actually get something in return. Maybe I should change my focus back to MTB.

8. Riding a rigid SS 29er still sucks. Like a donkey...I'm just getting used to a regular beating.

9. I never ask anyone to feed me during a race. The idea of standing around handing out a bottle every half-hour doesn't sound too appealing. Fred was feeding others but offered me stuff that bailed me out. I made a point of feeding him at a diner after the race.

10. My back hurt more after the 40-minutes CX race than after the 2-hours MTB race. How is that possible? Translation??? Need to do more sit-ups and leg lifts.


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Holy Crap! :rofl: Once again...classic.

I know exactly where you are talking about where those anitque shops are. Never really thought about it but YEA WTF?

I think the donkey reference will forever go down in history as the best analogy ever.

Awesome job today man. It really was no problem helping out. Thanks for the grub. You didnt have to :)

Keep doing what your doing bc i seem to be lucking out everytime you podium. :D :D

We should give you your own section on the board w/ weekly updates.
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