Tell me where you rode today...


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The tread's wearing down



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Well, if you did arrive while we were staging this photo, you wouldn't have been able to pass and we would've been suitably embarrassed for blocking the trail.

This was an all flat ride up the Henry Hudson Trail from Freehold over the Highlands-Sea Bright bridge down thru Sea Bright over the Rumson Bridge and back to Freehold. Rode the whole HHT and then back on roads. 48.5 miles.

Bayshore Trail part of the HHT:
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Can you PM me that route?


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With drone photos, I discovered a whole new universe. I purchased a miniaturized drone. Just for fun. I am now pleased with the outcomes. This is the best photo I could get. I'd want to hear your thoughts and ideas.

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Looks cool! Wondering if the drone follows your phone location or a gps sensor you carry.
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