Taxa Wooly Bear Adventure Trailer 4 Sale


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Level up your next MTB adventure with the perfect "go anywhere base camp" that includes 3 person Thule Approach Roof Top Tent w/Annex, a full sized outdoor kitchen protected by an 8.5' Thule HideAway awning, cooler drawer storage, plenty of storage space. This is a fully off-road capable trailer, compact and light enough to be pulled by most any vehicle. It's 10'8" long, 5' 4" wide. Only weighs 1250 lb dry and is rated to 2200 lb gross vehicle weight. Message me for more details.

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I’m looking for $12,500…it’s only been used a
Handful of times, mostly for NJ MTB Festival Expo. Trailer has roughly 1000 miles on it over the past three years. Tent was new last summer and was slept in only two nights. Happy to have you stop by for a look. I’m in Bergen Co.
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