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The Bicycle Commuter Act (H.R.807, S.2635) is before congress right now. It would provide a tax benefit to employers who offer cash reimbursements to employees who ride to work in order to help defray their commuting costs. All this requires is an amendment to the Transportation Fringe Benefit of the tax code to extend the definition of "transportation" to include bicycles. Employers are given the flexibility to set their own levels of benefit payments and the bike commuter can use those payments to pay for a bike, accessories, safety equipment, insurance, and locker or shower fees.

Here's what you do:

It is so SIMPLE!! Just go to this link:

and input your zip code and the page generates emails to go to all your congress people....Then just sign and send.

Hope you take the time to do this. And feel free to FORWARD this email....Thanks!

O2 Cycling Advocacy
Awesome, I'm planning to bike to work during the summer.
Done and Done. Very simple, Very Fast.

I'm gonna read up to learn a bit more about what these guys do.
MTB riders already get a tax break when we write off our excessive medical expenses. Jay gets the largest refund!
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