Tandem Expo


JORBA: Ringwood
Tandems East is having a tandem expo on March 29 & 30. Free. Test rides, group rides and guest speakers. Special sales, trade ins and vendors on site. Seven, Calfee, Co-Motion, Cannondale, daVinci, Bushnell and more. Riding a tandem is a great way to share your favorite sport with a special friend, spouse or child. For details see:


Craig Calfee, leading bamboo bike builder, will be speaking on Saturday, March 29 starting at noon.


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I don't think it will be this year, but I see Mrs. ChrisG and me doing the tandem thing in the future. I'll have to start looking into it more pointedly one of these days.


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If my wife ever climbed on a tandem (or any other bike) to ride with me I would think I died and went to heaven...

It'd be just too damn cool...


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My wife and I did a tandem sightseeing ride during our vacation last year and we loved it but I doubt it that we could do a tandem ride here. I am afraid of NJ motorists :D
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