T-Shirts, T-Shirts!


A strong 7
Well, it looks like we should have the long-awaited, highly-anticipated T-Shirts for the picnic. We are working out the final color selection and design, but I can assure you that these will be a quality item that will make you look really cool, honest.

Anyway, since our membership has increased so much since the last thread on this topic, I would like to take an informal poll of interest so we can get an idea of sizes and numbers. This is not a formal commitment, and please try to keep your responses to something similar to:

1 large
1 x-large



A strong 7
logo on front, slogan on the back, khaki, nice heavy weight t-shirt. we are finalizing that stuff, and will post graphics when they are available.


1 Large, but I may swap it for a medium.

And if it's my logo on the back then I'm only paying half for it! I never got my snickers bar!


A strong 7
DB - yes you can.

we are not planning on running any 2Xs in this run. please let us know as ASAFP if you'd like one, and that will have to be a firm commitment due to higher shirt costs.
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