surly BB vs shimano BB


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howdy folks...

this is just an opinion based on my own experience.

i've been using this surly mr. wirly crankset (singlespeed)on both of my hardtail
been using it for almost 5 month now.
first they works great for about 3 month or so....
the issue with this crankset is on bottom bracket cup it play both side if i wiggle it at the crank.and it's not a small play, it's big one,.

so,..ive'd come up with a simple solution,..wich is:

i switch both of them with my two others set of bottom bracket cup from shimano (XT and XTR)both are 2 years old BB cup.
and now they works awesome great w/o any play(wiggle)
and the spindle was fit perfectly in it place(BB)

so,..if any of you having same issue like mine, you might want to give it a shot(but,..what works for me, doesn't mean it will works with others:))

don't mean to review as a bad product i'm only offer simple solution to others wich is maybe have similiar issue.( in other word, surly BB sucks,.:))


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nope, one! should i?:confused:

Before you proclaim that Surly BBs Suck? Yes!

You gave a very vague description of your problem. You replaced the outboard bearings of the BB and the problem was resolved. The stuff is 5 months old and is likely under warrantee. Had you taken it to a shop, it is likely that they would have taken care of you.

The outcome?
You bashed a product on the interweb before determining what was wrong with it and without giving the the manufacturer an opportunity to make it right. You gave up your own spare parts to fix it. Good for you.


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i bought it online!!
dont know nothing about warranty, for me money no matters. and i dont mean to bashed manufactured.and i dont want to bothers them(or anyone) cause this issue i can handle need to knock on somebody doors in the middle of the nights.

yes surly BBs suck!
thats my opinion and i respect yours!:)
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