Super D / XC race


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You know I'm in for this one. It's a true all-mountain race with a super-D race followed by a technical XC race (the XC race will start at the top of the mountain and end at the bottom rather than being a loop, so it won't advantage the lightweight climbers too much, although there will be plenty of climbing involved). Racers will have to use the same bike for both races, no changes. And the XC start times will be staggered based on the Super-D finish times, so if you're slow on the super-D, you'll have to make up time on the XC. Should be seriously fun, and I'm really, really looking forward to racing XC/AM out at Diablo. It's a great hill and if this race works out well, we could see more races out there that utilize their significant (for NJ) vert!


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Yes that sounds fun. The Beneke's designed the course. Unfortunately, that is the same day that Jorba is hosting the IMBA Trail Crew at Ringwood and Sterling Forest, so I will not be able to make the race. I would like to hear some full reports from those of you that race.


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That sounds like crazy fun, but I'm afraid of Diablo as I've never been there :( Showing up for a race for a welcoming seems kind of silly, maybe I'll hit it up sometime.


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i've been planning on making this one. only bummer is that won't be able to preride Saturday, especially since it's included in the cost.


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It seems like with all these people interested in racing they would be able to keep it going but who knows. I really wanted to do this one - maybe next year :mad:
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