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OK, for any of you currious about what super D is all about ....Mr pixy just gave me permission to post his 3rd place finish Super D race report from Mt Snow National Championship Race. :getsome:

cont' from xc race report .....
The next day in the Super D, the same guy showed up on his X/C rig and did warm-up sprints while we waited for our start.

This was my first Super D, and I had done several practice runs on my Yeti 575, with Fox TALUS 36 fork.
It seemed like the perfect combination of longer travel and pedaling efficiency for this course. With the exception of a relatively short uphill work road in the middle section, the course was a down hill blast. It had open grass ski slope, fast ledge sections with some drop-offs, and gnarly slippery and rocky woods sections.

I figured I had all the lines dialed in and could have some fun racing it… That is until the promoter threw us a curve. We were escorted about 300 yds. Downhill from the top of the chairlift, where a line had been painted on the ground. This was the start line. We were instructed to leave our bikes just beyond a second line, which was about 150 feet uphill. At the start, we would run to our bikes, pick them up, run with them to a third line, another 100 feet uphill, drop the bikes beyond that line, run back to the second line, touch the line, and then run back to our bikes, only then running or riding them up a steep incline to the top of the course. All this reminded me of 8th grade basketball practice and wind sprints… Needless to say, I was a little put off at the prospect of more uphill running with my bike, after having done the same thing in the XC race the previous day. At least the running was on dry ground!

By the time I reached the top of the course in my race, I was about tenth from the leader – The same guy that won the XC race. I let my 575 fly down hill and started passing slower riders. I passed Mr. XC leader when he slid out on a grassy turn. I grooved the turn and carried as much momentum as I could through the bottom turn into the road section. I mashed a big gear as long as possible, but to no avail. Mr. XC sped past me part way through the climbing section. I couldn’t wait ‘til the single track- 100yds… 50yds… 10 more yards… I’m in! I’m flying now, staying off the brakes, flowing through the rocks and trees. I catch a glimpse out of the corner of my eye of Mr. XC crumpled into a ball. I think he tossed it in the woods. From here I got boxed in by a slower rider on a tight single track section, and had to wait until it opened up a bit to make a clean pass.

Now down another section of ski slope, and into the bottom section of single track, which was the opening descent of the XC course. I passed more racers who were having difficulty negotiating the rocks and roots. Hell, I’d ridden this section at least ten times on my ASR, and now I had the benefit of a plusher bike. I hit it clean and flew to the bottom and around the finish.

I never saw the first two finishers, but I suspect I may have been a bit closer, had I not gotten held up behind the slower racer in the tight section. Oh well, that’s racing!

I never realized how much that kind of racing pegs your heart rate. It was much higher than on my XC race.
I also never realized how much pure fun the gravity events can be. I look forward to doing it again when I get the chance. :D

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entirely thrilled
ssounds awesome. also sounds like i would have to build up something with some gears for it....


El Guac-Oh
It does sound awesome. I still didn't quite understood what Super-D was.
This is what I found out
"super D race is best described as a downhill cross country race. They normally lack the technical danger packed elements of the downhill and in most cases, have some significant pedaling.
Usually, a Super D is a timed event and can have either individual start times or a mass, Le Mans style start where everyone goes at the same time.
This is a great event a lot of people can enjoy. There isn't a whole lot of climbing so you don't have to be in great shape, and you don't need a $3,000.00 downhill bike to make it down.
Any bike will do for a Super D race, but this category of racing is where the all-mountain/trail bikes with 4, 5, and 6 inches of travel can really excel.
If you're thinking about getting into racing, but you think you might lack the endurance required for a typical XC race, The Super D is a great place to start."

I liked the idea in the last sentence ;) But I guess there are no races like this here in the area.
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