Sunday Early Edition goes WILD!!!


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That's right, this week we're breaking down those barriers that hold us back.
We escape Ringwood for the day and roll where the wild things roam...

It's Jungle Habitat at 8am.

Come over Skyline to the flashing red light.
Make a left then a quick right onto 511/Sloatsburg Rd.
Follow around the reservoir.
DO NOT make the second right to go towards RW.
Go STRAIGHT instead onto Greenwood Lake Tpk.
You will pass a dam on your left.
You will pass through Monksville Reservoir.
You will come to a Y intersection of sorts where the main road hooks right. (don't go right)
There will be a sporting goods/hardware store that rents U-hauls in the crook of the Y,
Turn left here(it's straight, really) onto Marshall Hill Rd.
Make an immediate left onto Airport Road.
Take to the end. Park in gravel lot on left under forebodingly strange telephone pole structure.
Prepare for adventure.

Who's in?
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Okay gang, I baked the rest of the batch of those "half healthy" cookies when I got home from RW today.
If I can keep them away from my starving(not) children I will bring them tomorrow.

Someone begged for rum cookies? Was that you Rob? I'll see what I can do.
I'm thinking oatmeal rum raisin.:hmmm:
Same rules apply, cookies are for riders that make it out alive:D.

Liong, sorry I missed your call. Call me in the am when you're at the CVS by me.
We'll ride together. 7:30 is a good time


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Wait till you taste the ones with a splash of rum in 'em.

You'll be a happy, happy boy.:D


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I tried to catch up with you guys today in Ringwood but I was 20 minutes behind so I played on the snow by myself. After torturing myself for more than 2 hours in a snow covered trail and made few spills I think I will pass on this one in Jungle Habitat. I think JH will also be covered with snow like Ringwood this afternoon. I tried to convinced my friends to go ride up here in JH tomorrow but I was out numbered and they decided to go to Chimney Rock so I will be in Chimney Rock tomorrow. Again, I will missed your cookies Cyclopath.:(


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We would have loved to have you.
Rob was aware of his surroundings while I was clueless.
He pointed out your car(parked right next to mine:eek:).
I did consider putting the last choc chip cookie on your windshield,
but Rob nabbed it and Ron downed the crumbs:p. Get my cell# next time.

You're right, RW had it's fair share of ice, ice, baby!
Sure you won't change your mind about tomorrow?
It is guaranteed to be better...
And I know it will be... 'cause we got rum in the cookies:D.
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