Sunday, December 31


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Who is up for Hartshorne? I wanna ride sunday, im off and i plan on drinkin every bit of alcohol in sight. sooooo who is commin w/me!? a few guys from the shop (halters) are also in for the ride.

...i have heard hartshorne can get packed so if its thout not to be such a good idea to ride there, we can go somewhere else!

time: morning? afternoon? let me know what you think!
I'll be on the road Sunday, grinding out the base miles.

Hartshorne was pretty empty this morning, but Sundays do get more crowded. Should still be fun, though. It's worth it to ride over to Huber Woods for a lap as well.

Enjoy the ride and happy new year!


For those who may b interested. I believe I have a head count of 4 possibly 5 of us shootin for a 1030a roll away time. There are some people that have some plans for the night and have a bit to travel to get down there. Thats why its a lil bit later than usual.

We will park at the lot of of navasink rd ( correct me if im wrong ) you get to it by making a right onto navasink off 36 (quickcheck is on the other side of the road, and its off there.)

hope to see you there!

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