Sunday 8/21 Kittatiny 09:00


A strong 7
Meet at the Goodale Road entrance Parking area. Jay, Gerard and I will be there around 9:00. PM me for cell phone if you are coming, and we can come back to the lot to pick you up if 9:00 is too erly.
Had a tough damn ride today. First time to Kittatiny and it really is a mini-muchy. Had a blast there till Steve's chain broke after mile 4. We headed down to Cycle Works to get his bike fixed and then decided to take a shot at Allamuchy. I'm guessing we did between 3 and 4 miles there. Started on the White trail and then took the Yellow trail and I "think" detoured onto the green to reach the overlook. Holy hike-a-bike batman! That was seriously some of the most difficult riding I have done. Not to mention that all the rocks were wet and slick. Great view and then a fast ride back down the Yellow. Coming back down was a f'n blast though!

Kittatiny, can't wait to go back

Allamuchy, that bastard child you don't want to tell people about.
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