Sunday 7 am Stephens Intermediate Discovery Ride


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Hello all. Tomorrow, Sunday the 23rd I'm leading a ride into Stephens State Park. It's an intermediate ride. I have NO idea where these new great trails are that I've heard so much about are, but me and a few friends are gonna go discover them. There will be stopping at forks and intersections to get bearings. We are gonna meet at the Ranger's station at 7 am. if anyone can send me a map of the trails I'd be indebted. Better yet, if anyone knows the trails and wants to lead, please join us! Be aware that there will be intermediate riders and we will be waiting a short bit at the tops of hills. A small price to pay for bringing other people into the sport. Cheers and pm me with any help you have or just post.........Wazulio Iglacias
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