Sunday 7/25 Marty’s Wildcat Ride


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Sunday 10am at the Batcave lot. Join up for a tour of Wildcat. It’ll be a 2 hour loop. Intermediate pace on advanced terrain with no drops. Wildcat has some amazing trails that are both technical and climby. Let’s get out and enjoy some miles on one of the best trails systems in the state! This would be a great addition to Mtbnj’s Jungle ride. Would you dare to ride Jungle and Wildcat on the same weekend. I bet you won’t 😉


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I don't think this would be the ride for me so I pass, but I am wondering what should I do with Wildcat...the place hates me, it's a fact, so I think my options are either return the sentiment and just stay away from it or get to know it better if anybody would be entertaining the idea of a guided tour... @JimN what say you? I would double check my tires pressure for the occasion...


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Probably in depending no how late we get home Saturday night.


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I didn't realize you were asking me for a tour, but yeah, I can give you a tour.
It was in jest, but I would definitely take the offer...wait, is it an offer when you ask? Anyhow, let me just source a full body armor, you've seen my skillz...

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