Sunday 11-18, Stephens State Park, 10:15am

Ahh yes, Sunday 11-18, Stephens State Park, 10:15 and roll out at 10:30am. Will meet at the Waterloo Rd. parking lot just south of the Boy Scout camp and the Rt. 80 overpass. A dirt lot along the Musconetcong river. Moderate pace, not alot of stopping, 3+ hrs. whatever, lots of single track, berms and probably leaf surfing.

Hope you can make it. Please post up if interested.
if the weather doesn't suck

Sounds good to me. I've ridden with the Marty's crew some of the Stephen's stuff, but really don't know my way around yet. There's a trail that comes down to Waterloo Valley Rd, a little NE of the concert field, that I want to hit again - long decent, and just about every turn has a useful berm. I remember it starts out at some sort of wood lot up the mountain somewhere. Sound familiar?

If the weather's not too miserable, I'll see be there.
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