Sun Black Eye wheels for sale


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I have a pair that were used maybe 2 or 3 times and are essentially brand new. The only wear is I ran the rear with a V brake for those few times so the side wall black paint is rubbed off where the pads meet the rim but is purely cosmetic. Currently has a set of similar used Ignitors on them. Will make a great backup wheelset. Make offer.


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Bringing this back up as I need to get rid of stuff, anyone need them as a backup for $40 for the pair?


pics? im actually intrested as my wheels could def use an upgrade. shoot me over an email. thanks
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These pics are not great from my cell but the quickest way I could get them up here. Other than the rear wheel having had a v brake on them for a short time and the black paint marred from the pads they are pretty much perfect. If you hit the edge with a little black paint or marker you would never know as it is purely cosmetic.


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