Summer Solstice

Post your start time. I have a guy coming to pick some stuff up and if he's gone in time I'll join you. Hell I can probably track you guys down either way. :)
i work in wayne, so the tourne is very doable. i'll throw my bike on the car, and we'll stay in touch tomorrow. do us both a favor, and over work yourself in the morning, or else i'll have to tie cinderblocks to your bike so i can keep up.
Turns out I have to work tomorrow. So I think I'll try to hit deer park after work around 6:30.
got my bike on the car, and was thinking around 6:30. I will have a better idea closer to the end of the day.
heythorp said:
jason, jake you guys in?

I'm a maybe cause I have someone stoping by to pick some things up from my house. So if I get that taken care of by a reasonable time then I'll be there.
smarencik said:
guys - looks like i am running WAY behind on time here, and will have to bag.

bummer dude! I'm just waiting to see what time my buddy is out of here then if I can, I'm heading over.
Sweet ride tonight. Lots of climbing and we ran up 9.7 miles for the night. We have to get our weekly Tourne rides going asap. :)
generally, wed or thurs are good for me for the weekly rides. all climbs though, - ughh!!! my ride time is limited because of the family, so i gotta balance my rides.
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