suggestions needed. I want to do my first "real" mountain bike race


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I have done the Woods Hollow race in Middletown a few times and its been great, but I want to do a race with a more challenging course.

I see one on Sept 7 in Ringwood (Ringwood Fall Classic)

the other is on September 21 in West Milford (Rumble in the Jungle).

I am a beginner. I can handle hills and tight single track, but dont really want a course that is super technical (boulders, large logs, big drops, etc).

I can only do one of the races (family obligations)

Can anyone suggest which race might be better for a rider like me?

also, can you register the day of the race?
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I would say Ringwood would be easier on a beginner. The trails are more worn in and you can identify the prefered line easier. Both courses have their share of rocks, roots, and logs. That's mountain bike racing. :rolleyes:

It will be more challenging that the Woods Hollow race for sure but it's not that bad.
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