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I am looking to take my two sons ages 10 and 12 out on Columbia (which I've never been on myself). My biggest concern is my 10 year old. He doesn't have a lot of stamina and only has a Trek MT60 20" bike. I am looking for suggestions for a starting point and a turnaround point. Want to keep it short and simple because I want to make sure he enjoys it. I am familiar with Califon since I fish Ken Lockwood Gorge several times a year. Would prefer to bike in that area if possible. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks,


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I've been biking with my son (10) since march. we started with 2-3 mile flat rides around Clinton and now he can do beginner single track.

Our last ride on Columbia was 13mi starting in High Bridge and ending somewhere past Springtown. Here is the track if you want to see the elevation changes. You can ride either way from Califon but East is flatter. more elevation changes between High Bridge & Califon.
This is a good resource for the trail: "".

BTW, you never know about biking and stamina. My son could (can) not really run the length of a soccer field, I took him biking mostly to get ME out of the house. Now he cannot be stopped.

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