suggest a "ride" near PNC arts center.


Myself and one of my Sunday morning Mahlon riders will be going to the Allmans concert at PNC ( I really prefer to call it the Garden State Arts center) in a few weeks on a Friday.His brother lives nearby , so we're gonna stay over at his place and would like a place to ride in the morning.

Something close by and along the lines of Mahlon as far as difficulty.

Is there a spot down there that we should not miss ?

Suggestions please .


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hartshorne is VERY close to the arts center. allaire is also rather close too. but not as technical as hartshorne.


Do you guys drop the air pressure in your tires at all when riding in the "sandy" conditions that I hear you guys describe alot of the south jersey trail as ?


I got this off of "Marty's" Site

Hartshorne Woods Park
c/o Monmouth County Park Commission - 805 Newman Springs Road
Lincroft, NJ 07738-1695 - 732-842-1695

Location - Middletown-MonmouthCounty
Distance - 11 miles
Terrain - hilly, dirt, sand, gravel, some pavement; well-maintained, mountain-bike specific trails.
Highlights - well-marked and maintained trails; Battery Lewis historic military site, picnic and hiking areas, Navesink River. Be careful to follow park rules in dismount area; tickets will be issued if you do not abide by the minor inconvenience.Directions - GS Parkway; exit 117. Take Rte. 36 east for 12 miles to Scenic Dr. exit. Turn right at stop sign at end of exit. Parking lot is 1/2 mile on left.

What exactly is the issue/ rules with the dismount area ?


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What exactly is the issue/ rules with the dismount area ?

Like what ebineezer said it's an area at the trail head that you have to hoof it. It's the area by the parking lot that has the trail head sign map and the Johnny on the spot.
not to worry, it's only like 30 yards or so. No big deal.

Oh, almost forgot .. Have fun.. It's a great place.
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