Stweart Newburgh


A strong 7
Stewart Newburgh

Any idea what conditions are like these days? Is hunting still in progress?
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I'm positive the hunting has concluded.
Last I heard (a few weeks ago) the trails were still a bit icy in the AM then soft.
:hmmm: Meg is taking the kids to Florida next week, and I am trying to find an excuse to go to stewart.
Let me know if you find out the conditions or if you need a riding buddy. I've been wanting to get back up there and play.
Yes, hunting is over. I Just checked the weather, and we are expecting 1 1/2 inches of rain today and a warming trend. My guess is that this weekend will be muddy. The soil content at Stewart has a lot of clay and does not handle freeze thaw conditions well.

I have not been there in awhile, but my last attempt in winter thaw was bad enough, I will never try it again.
Thanks. I may try to find a way over there next Thursday or Saturday if conditions permit. This weekend looks like a wash all around.
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