Studs Up

Same as always, 2.1 UST barracuda up front and UST 2.1 Roll X rear. Low pressure, no studs.....
Maxxiss ignitors on the 26er for the loose trails.
Pythons on the 29er for when things firm up. These tyres slip a bit on loose stuff on hills so not brilliant for climbing right now. It will be a different story when things freeze.
same as any other day

Maxxis Ignitor 2.1 on the 29er
Panaracer FireXC 2.1 on the 26er FS

I have never used studs.

Fire XC Pro 2.1 Front folding/Roll-X S-works Rear 2.0. Year-round. This tire combo is dialed for Allaire. Did I mention that place is rockin some serious high speed lines right now??
i'm going to be running weirwolves on the karate monkey, with a bunch of knobs cut off to make it less likely to pack up. eventually gonna have wider rims for her as well. this will all be testing for susitna.
When it's cold and dry, I run every tire that I hated in the summer because just about every tire rocks in the dry winter terrain.
For 26 ,the tires i gave Norm were mandatory. Now that I'm 29 it'll be Bonty Jones' til i get a pair of the new Nokian studs....................
1 studded tire: front or rear?

hmmm, good questions, if you went with the front, you might be sliding all around in the back, if you went with just the rear you might be ditching the front alot.

Probably say the front becuase if you can't keep a line with the front, your ride will suck.
if only one studded, it's generally recommened that you go with the front. ya know, so you can steer.

until i get my nokians (hey brett, i PM'd you twice...) i'm running the panaracer rampages.
Steering is overrated. What good is steering if all you do is spin your rear wheel? Big deal, I can steer this 2 mph hovercraft. Woop-de-doo look at me!

Now the rear tire, get that puppy moving and counter-steer your way to 20 mph fun...and potentially broken limbs, but who's counting?

OK it's not a perfect system. Just buy 2. Really if the conditions warrant studs it's probably going to be pointless to run 1-and-1.
I already have one, and am too cheap to by a second. I guess if I break a limb, cheap is dear in the end...
It really depends. Say you break your arm, then learn Japanese during the 8 week layoff, then make a killing following the Nikkei in the fallout, then it all works out in the end as you can buy all the studded tires and GI Joe with the Kung Fu Grips that you want.

If you don't want to break a limb go with the front, as Sir Jake A Lot suggests, I would imagine. Then throw whatever has the deepest treads on the rear? Though if you hit ice, that rear end will fly out to 90 degree angles in a flash. I've had that happen before and it can be fun in its own way, but also frustrating when you go down hard on the ice. I find that going down on the ice is more fun if you've got some speed.
1 studded tire: front or rear?

FRONT! If you lose the front tire it's usually gonna be at speed while braking and not a fun way to fall. The rear is not going to slide out at speed if the front is holding and if it does slide you're most likely climbing at slow speeds. Go with the front if you have one.
FRONT!! For 26 Innova makes a tire thats probably $50 ish.Rode them everwhere last season and they were great,but sadly doesn't come 29 yet......
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