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2006 RP3, rear shock. while cleaning the bike, i noticed the shock is stuck in the down position. it seems like it could compress maybe an additional 1/4 - 1/3 of an inch, but does not return to the fully extended position.



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There was a tech article in mountain bike action mag. (april issue).Goes through the whole process step by step.If you can't get a copy I could photo copy it and mail it to you.


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thanks ruth and tj. i realized i have the MBA article, and it looks pretty simple. i was thinking of sending it to PUSH, but $150 beans is a lot to spend on the rebuild and valve, plus they are back logged until 6/2.


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Make sure you put a towel over it before you unscrew it!

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The seal kit is like $13 and it's a super easy job...As Norm said, tie a rag through the eyelet so when the canister blows off it doesn't kill anyone:D



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Mine got stuck down last fall. I opted to send it back to fox and have it revalved while it was there. Cost me $80 for the new valving, the seal replacement was warranty.

In retrospect, if I knew I could have repaired it myself, I would have.
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