Stoopid 50


Mayor McCheese
Team MTBNJ Halter's
This is on the radar but I need to figure out if it's more than I can chew or if it works out in the "family time" world.


entirely thrilled
butbut, beer, and whiskey, and riding strange crontraption down a really steep hill at midnight, then more beer, and puking in bushes, and me getting so drunk i wake up, uhhh, nevermind.

had this weekend planned for a while. i'll be sure to do a really long ride in wissahickon instead. i know some of the boys in state college. eric roman and his housemate frank put me up on my trip across the country, and eric gave my bike a wee tune up over at nittany cycle works. would love to make it out, but i will be in philly.


Plans for the Stoopid weekend

So who is going? On Friday? Saturday? Sunday? The whole weekend or just the race?

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