Stolen Bike in Lincroft


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Riding buddy had his 2022 SC Hightower stolen in Lincroft on Friday, unfortunately. Saw the kid(?) riding away with it, gave chase but was unable to catch him. I will post more details when I get them, just wanted to get the word out ASAP.

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So sucks - death to bike thieves

Not sure if you or your buddy posted anyplace else but definitely get something going on FB and IG. Hit some of the local shops too - Belmar bikes was huge in getting back my stolen Santa Cruz a couple of years ago.

Best of luck getting it back!


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Maybe not for any thief with basic tech ability.

“Do you want to stop theft or stalking?
The fact that Apple has addressed the issue shows that it’s taking AirTag stalking seriously, and rightly so.

But there’s a lingering sense that Apple hasn’t yet found a way to reconcile one of the AirTag’s core roles, which is to prevent or minimise the damage caused by theft, with preventing stalking.

Someone with an expensive eBike, for example, might find a clever hiding place for an AirTag under the saddle, and lock it up safe in the knowledge that a prospective thief won’t be able to find it and will be easily tracked by the owner or (preferably) the police. But a comprehensive set of anti-stalking measures would result in that thief being quickly alerted to the AirTag’s presence and – as of the upcoming software update – precise location.”


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No. I've read cases of guys with motorcycles using air tags and unless the bike (object in question) is in plain site, they can't do anything without a warrant and even then it is not so easy.

Sounds like the only solution is to booby trap your bike and have a remote detonator



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I wonder if it matters if the bike is worth over $1000? It’s grand larceny rather than petit larceny then. Will the police consider the value of the theft before acting? Man, another question for @Carson !

NJ statutes:

Under $200 is a disorderly persons offense
200-499 is a 4th degree crime
500-75000 is a third degree crime
75001+ is a second degree crime

There are exceptions (motor vehicles are third degree crimes at a minimum), but bicycles have no exception.

These amounts haven't been updated since @rick81721 was in diapers.

Regardless, an officer can ASK to search with permission but would require a warrant if denied. And that's if it's worth $199 or $10999. I would argue a judge would more readily issue a search warrant on a higher valued bike.


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Sounds like the only solution is to booby trap your bike and have a remote detonator

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this sticker will give them warning:



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How many would be misguided enough to post on a public site where and how they were using an airtag?
Yeah, I hear you but the chances of a thief being on here and knowing where the member lives and how to get at the bikes was low enough I think it was a reasonable question. I didn't think the number of ppl using airtags would be high regardless. I don't have any of them in my bikes. I live at 1313 Mockingbird lane, btw.
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