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Specialized Enduro stolen in Pt. Pleasant
Just a headup to everyone - last weekend I was at PT. Pleasant beach and my 04 Enduro Comp was stolen from my Pick up truck. I chained the bike at my pick up bed but unfortunately that didn't stop this punks in taking the bike. I did file a police report but I doubt that I will ever find my bike. I'm also seaching ebay and craigslist to see if they try to post it there. Just incase you encouter or see a 04 blue Specialized Enduro Comp. with a shimano bashguard. worn out saddle with lx shifter the 04 came with a Deore, please email me at nismosr at yahoo com. and I adviced everybody not to do the same mistake I did. Thank you

stock photo below except for a Shimano BashGuard and Blue stripe Panarace FireXC pro tires.

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