Can anyone recommend a solid 1 -2 hour ride at Stokes Forest...I've never been there before....thanks!!!


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I am interest in riding there as well. Is there any interest in getting a group ride there one of these weekends preferably with someone who knows the place?


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i've been really curious about this as well. i would be up for an exploration one weekend. i guess on a sunday, since i'm sure hunting is on there.

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I've rode here one time.The park map is pretty good.I started at the park ranger station and headed to sunrise mtn for a great view of surrounding area.It's a fun place to explore and it's easy to navigate.You can even link together some trails from highpoint statepark


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I rode the High Point side maybe 10 years ago, and it wasn't really worth the trip up there. I just did some canned loop I pulled out of a book, which included some paved road connecting points A and B. One of the trails was out of this world technical, pretty much a rock garden hidden in 6-8 inch grass, so you had no idea where the rocks were. But to be sure, I was not remotely a good rider then. I think you'd need a local to lead any ride in that area.


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I rode there about 6 yrs ago and I think I hit that same Rock garden trail. Oh man, I had to walk and carry my bike down that hill must have been a mile long, ok maybe a few hundred yards, but was a Pita. I followed alot of fire roads and ended up on a paved road for a bit. I wouldn't go back their unless it was a group ride with someone who knows the trails.


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Stokes is a huge rock pile but it,s fun. If yall get a group together I'll guide just give me some lead time.Brett 908 319 8614......I,m not online that much


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alright, so i saw Brett at the race, and was chatting with him about riding at stokes. he's definitely up for leading a ride, not alot of stopping, but not a really fast pace either. i wont be around this weekend, so how about we try and figure something out for the weekend after? i told him to post here, but he might not see this, so we'll have to figure out who all can ride then, and then give him a shout to see if he's up for it. if he's not, we could always just go exploring.


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I would be up for this in two weeks.

Shag-man and I were thinking of Wawayanda this sunday. We will post when it becomes definite
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