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Thinking 9am Sat.I wouldn't normally make this public but I don't feel i should do this solo at these temps.Snopac is perfect so you won't get lost and can backtrack if ya bonk.We will be lost for a period of this ride,hence the recon.No time constraints and no GPS allowed.I'll check back on this later.I won't be going unless i have a confirmed wingman.
didn't see this. i'm game. i'm taking my gps, but it doesn't have maps, so it wont help us if we're lost. it just lets me look at our route after the ride.
Call me or I'll just see you at the main lot at 9.Would join for tonite but I hit the mooch this aft and wrecked myself on old 517 on the way out. I'll be up cause Daytona SX is on live tonite.You can GPS but if you post the route publically I'll kill you.I'm gonna PM #'s to you just in case...
Looks good to me.We'll actually drive in to another lot to start after meeting up front.I hope you're off schedule cause your Sat routine will kill me,then again you'll probably have no idea where you are so maybe I'm on point.....
In comp to the mooch,same rocks but square edged not round,climbs much longer but not as steep and it is a more conifer based forest due to higher elavation(pines,laurel,blueberry bushes etc)It's similar to Wawayanda also.None of this matters now cause it's full 3-4" snowpack w/ dust on top.Perfect till the sun softens it to much.Should be good till at least 1 pm.
No worries. I'm somewhere every wknd so there will be plenty of opportunities for ya
great ride. twas just me and brett. put in about 19 miles and explored quite a bit. can't wait to come back when the snow is gone. thanks for the tour!








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looks like a good time. nice pics. the last one is just cute. hope the recon was successful and you can sherpa us around soon.
What type of tires did you use? Did you have studs? I thought about riding this weekend but didn't. I went hiking with my wife and dog at Mahlon dickisnson, and the trails were a sheet of ice.
I usually have studs(kenda) but the loaner/test bike is a 29 so I"m just runnin bontrager jones and i believe sean has exi or weir wolves.Conditions were once in a lifetime perfect on Sat at stokes
thanks. and yes, i was using exiwolves. an excellent tire for dry hardpack. a not so excellent tire for everything else, but i've been making due.
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