stimulus check came!!!


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ok so i got 600 bucks that i promised id spend on myself. heres my question. im going clipless for sure and already have picked out shoes.... someone recommend me pedals!!


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I like my Shimano 540's. I also use the multi direction release clips. The clips are awsome when you need to get out of pedals in a hurry without thinking about it. But I find that they suck for trying to do bunny hops. For me they will normally release whenever I try to hop the back wheel


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I use shimano 540's and I find them great after trying a set of Time pedals which were not tension adjustable.* As a beginner I recomend trying a set you can adjust tension with so you can unclip easier by setting the tension to the lightest setting.* Have fun..


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Boo Ya! 600 beans!!!

I got mine 2 weeks ago.
I would vote for shimano XT (i forget the number they use now i.e. 959, 540)
My 959s keep me clipped in when i want and i never get stuck in em'
Just my opinion, i've been a SPD diehard for years so i really don't know how the others are.


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I've just switch to Eggbeaters from SPDs and I think I prefer the Eggbeaters.


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Egg Beaters on the Hard tail. There okay, sometimes a pain to clip into...

On the FS, Shimano XTR's. Great pedal (PS I hate Shimano, but the pedal is that good)


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ok so i got 600 bucks that i promised id spend on myself. heres my question. im going clipless for sure and already have picked out shoes.... someone recommend me pedals!!

i would say shimano 540's. get some tattoo's of ti eggbeaters on your shins and still have some money left over.;)


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Shimano 520's cheap enough from amazon that if you don't like them you can pop them on eby and recoup about all you paid.
as for shoes specialized tahoe they lace like a sneaker and are not super hard on the tops. shoes suck cause you need to try them on before you buy them every pair I tried fit completely different till I tried the tahoe's I think lake,and shimano also have the lace up type.
just my biased opinion which is base on almost no fact what so ever...:)


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stick with spd you wont be sorry, have a pair for 10 years and still work great


Crank Bros eggbeaters on the road bike and Candy C on the two mountain bikes. They're a great company and I've returned two sets that had issues from trail incidents. Both times Crank Bros returned them within a week with a little Pedal Spa certificate that highlighted the treatments that my pedals had gone through. Ok, so it's a gimmick, but pretty cool.

And the pedals are great for me. Easy in and easy out when you need it. I like the extra platform on the Candy's for if you want to click out but still have some pedaling power.

Try the cheaper Smarty pedals - very similar to Candys but not as expensive.


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I've got the Crank Bros. Mallets on my bike. Clip in if you want, or ride like a platform if you don't want to clip in.


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You can't go wrong with Shimano SPD. The tension adjustment is king when you are learning how to get in and out of them. I have been running a set for over 6 years and no problems at all. You don't have to spend a ton of money on the XT or XTR's to get a quality peddle. The 520's or 540's will do you just fine.


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Our shop has very strong feelings for the shimano pedals, however we sell Crank Brothers, Time and Ritchey as well. The Shimano pedals are first and foremost, CONSISTENT! This is what you will want in a clipless pedal. They release and engage the same every single time no matter what. I strongly suggest spending the $$ for the PD-M770 or PD-M970 model as they will outlast the cheaper versions by years. If you are on a budget the PD-M520 pedal uses the same spring engagement mechanism as the ultra expensive 970 but without all the fancy bearings and pricey materials. I will tell you that from a feedback perspective, more customers are unhappy with the Crank Brothers pedals than all others combined. These pedals are light but thats about it.
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