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I know everything has recently been pushed to promote this site more and more. Has anyone thought about having some stickers made that can be purchased through the site so I can put them on my fairing, bumber, bike etc?
stickers will be done for sure by the picnic. for this particular run (in the short term), we're probably looking at a sticker that will fit on a bike frame, in the neighborhood of 2 7/8 (h) x 5 3/4 (l). not that you couldn’t put it on a car window too. after that we're going to produce something a little bigger for cars, trailers, motor homes, yachts, earth movers and the dump truck that sean drives around jefferson. :D
what about them window cling for the cars as opposed to a sticker? i could do the research if you don't have time for it.

good suggestion, but they just aren't in the cards right now. we have a number of other things that we're working on that we think will be more cooler but we'll definitely keep those in mind.
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