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Was anyone able to get up to Stewart this weekend? Trying to find out the conditions before I head over there?:confused:


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Does anyone have a good map of a loop i could do there? I have never ridden there but would like to go.


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You'd have to know the trails like the back of your hand to really put together a good loop solely on the internet. There are about 40 miles of trails in there.

I'll attempt at getting you started though...

From the Rt. 207 lot, take the cracked pavement road downhill passing the hunters brown hut on the right and the first intersection a few hundred yards past it. Look on your left and there will be a swampy section and soon after that some singletrack. Hold on tight, for when it's dry this is some of the fastest 1 track around, and will eventually (in about 1/2 mile) spit you out onto a narrow paved road. Resist the temptation to continue straight as only during the driest parts of the year what's in front of you will be a swamp. Bear right on the pavement, and in about 200yds. turn sharply left (on pavement) and then, in only about 100 ft., again turn sharply left, this time reentering the woods on more singletrack.

You're on your own now...enjoy the ride!
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