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Yesterday after the heavy thunder boomers past thru Newburgh NY (Ben Williams and Jerermy Swift got caught in it and were black with mud from the waist down) Tommy and I hit the race course at Stewart.

From the same start location as last year making the first left hand turn into the slight uphill carriage road than into the single track that winds you back to the main road just where you first went in. From there you make a left and head up the l o n g stone road climb. I stopped at Darkhorse Cycles on Saturday and talked with George and Mike, they said there might be a preem for the beginner and sport classes for the first to reach the top of the climb. So, after the climbing to the top you make a left into the *new* single track, this starts out with a climb that is loaded with off camber sections chock full of roots and stone wall passages. Once at the top of the climb there is a twisty down with more off camber stuff. If it rains it could get ugly. This new section loops back into the single track from last year. Crossing back across the main road takes you past the porta potty and into more new single tight single track. Make your passes before you reach this new section, passing here will be difficult. The prolog is 1.7 miles, which is only done on your first lap, the and the rest of the new and old single track is about 17 miles ... nah :D just kidding, it's about 5.5 miles give or take. All in all it should be a fun race, if it stays dry.

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Course is marked as of 6 PM, Monday. George is dehydrated, bitten, poison ivyed, and out of arrows! Prologue is 1.7 miles, and GPS says the lap is 6.5. There will be cash preemium payouts for beginner and sport only...first to top of the hill. Here's your chance to go home with more than you came with...$10.00 to all classes from Junior to 50+. If first person up misses the "Tenner", well then it's open season! This is a race for you, so come on out! George


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Hopefully I can make it up to pre-ride sometime friday afternoon, anyone down for pre-riding this course before sunday though?


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I was up there today and trails are in great shape. I rode the course, and the new single-track is pretty cool.... (well in a fun way) It was actually brutally hot today, even in the morning.

Some sections were the same as the second Stewart race last year, but new trails in there as well. Most trails firm, roses in bloom, a stray turtle on the trail and lots o poison ivy. Should be fast and fun.


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Anyone know what time registration starts\ends & what time beginner 30+ goes off?

I'm hoping to make this race, but can only do it if it's early.
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