stewart land users meeting


the darkhorse cycles crew will be attending a meeting with the dec to discuss the upcoming year in stewart state forest. this meeting is closed to the public and only for groups permitted for events in the park. the dec will be taking questions and comments from all groups. if you guys have anything you want addressed please either call george at the shop or email us and we will be sure to bring it up. as stewart is a multi-use area we want to continue our relationship with both the dec and other user groups to maintain access to the park.
thanks guys. look forward to seeing you all out on the trails!
fix the,...

road going into the park. I think it's dangerous with soooo many pot holes. Not everyone is experienced in getting around them.
they have been working on the roads in and leading into the park and plan to have them all finished up this year. this should make it much safer riding into the registration area. this will also improve the pavement quality on the climb up to the finish for the 40! that way the third time up should be a breeze!!! allez allez!
when they are done it will look just like alp d'huez!

hope this helps!

thanks for the comments guys and gals!
ahaa,....i can't wait to attend this park again and race. thank for the good news keep up the good work maddawg!!
meeting attended!

we sent in our top operative with an open mind and a head full of pilsner! no i'm kidding about the pilsner but we did send in some of our top men. apparently the entire stewart bufferzone is now a nesting place for the red backed African chicken swallow and has been deemed unfit for human inhabitation of any form! all use is to be stopped immediately and unless you are a red backed African chicken swallow which i doubt if your reading this but you never know, you are banned!!!

ok seriously, the meeting went well and our events are on the schedule without conflict. the only change being made is that the park will be open for riding longer into the season. until rifle/big game season the park will be open for riding and will reopen immediately following. this gets us a couple extra weeks on either side of the bambi death fest. which is cool!

thanks for being interested and we hope to see you all out there!
I was sitting in my car in the lot up there, waiting for playallday this summer and was watching this amazing indigo bunting sitting on a blade of grass. They are sooo blue! You do have some cool birds up there.

Glad to hear things went well.
in all seriousness it is an incredible piece of property and we are lucky to have it at our disposal.
the meeting went well and it looks like the harmony between user groups and the DEC continues to grow which is to everyones benefit.
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