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A Tractel T-516 with 60’ wire rope runs about $1800. Then you need slings and/or chains, a snatch block and shackles. It will up fast, especially if you get a big snatch block to bend the cable over 90 degrees. Without trying very hard you can quickly spend another $1000. And a lot more if you want to do some elaborate rigging.
Thanks. Shackes, chains, and slings are in stock. Best I've got for winchery right now is a pair of come-alongs.


Thanks. Shackes, chains, and slings are in stock. Best I've got for winchery right now is a pair of come-alongs.
If you like the infinite pull and controlled release of that tractel (which is very nice) but don’t want to spend the coin, check out the maasdam power rope puller. It’s a fraction of the price and made in USA but can only work with rope.


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Much thanks for filling in the bathtub with rock. Rode it today and it rode great. I see other stuff in the works too.
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I revisited that area today. It looks like we got it right this time. Extending the hardened area and putting drains above it should keep it from filling up once again.

And I believe you were referring to this fix as being ‘in the works’. It’s coming out real good too. Need some dressing and it’ll be done.

And a shout out to @Mr.Moto is in order. The knee/shin armor that you gave me a year or two ago worked very well today. I broke up a lot of rock and have no cuts or bruises on my legs.

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Yes. I can’t just toss them in the trash. It seems so wasteful.

There are quite a few rocks on that trail with clam shells under them.

I am not too proud to admit that it took more than a few seconds to understand that you didn't find giant piles of shells in Sterling underneath rocks.


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Beavers are causing problems at the pond by the Caretaker parking lot. They have backed up water so that it is running over the dam. Expect it to be a mess if you park there. The water was running several inches deep today.


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