Sterling Build Progress 2018


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The AmeriCorps/NYNJTC crew with the help of volunteers has been working hard at Sterling this spring and summer.

They have reached the power line up above where the current temporary trail goes under it on the fire road. So you now can now make a loop using the power line service road to connect to the existing temporary trail. They have 200' or so of trail roughed in beyond the power line. This piece of trail is about 1/2 done!

And this week construction work commenced for the bridge at the mud hole/stream crossing on the Hutchinson trail. Today the crew was working on getting suitable piers (boulders) in place.

As usual any volunteer help is always appreciated.


JORBA: Ringwood
Summer is winding down and I wanted to remind riders to try to find time to volunteer one day at Sterling. Once closed to bikes, this new trail system is gaining much popularity. Volunteers are needed to complete this trail and expand this program. There still is a bit of awesome single track trail to build to avoid those muddy roads and additional new loops very possible in the future.

Palisaded Trail Crew works Thursday - Monday. Information on crew here: .

TBW has a work day planned for Aug 25 as well.


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The crew broke thru to the road and completed the trail today! Munsee-Eagle will officially be opened on this coming Sunday. A ride from Ringwood at the NJMTB fest will be a part of the opening.

There is still a lot of tweaking and tuning to do so expect to see people working and changing trail conditions if you are out. There should be renewed construction activity at the muck hole stream crossing on Hutchinson very soon. Which means there will be a continuing call for volunteers to help.

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