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I would change most of the write up. Bobw is gone many upgrades and not so new anymore. I would do a write up but I lack those skills. Maybe @ReggieHammond can do something awesome.


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Wiki updates coming! will get input from you two, and lothar....


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I haven't been here in over 5years... Is a trail map available?

@The Kalmyk . There's a good JORBA map, that looks similar in style to the JORBA maps for Allamuchy North and Deer Park.

Also I can't recommend highly enough the Maprika app. You can see your location on the Stephen's map while in the park.


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I have been working to perfect my Stephens State Park loop and I wanted to share this one. I call it the Allamuchy SSP Figure 8 loop it has 2 nice descents. The 1st on the way out on the new white single track, the 2nd on the way back off blue at the chimney. Both descents end at the beginning of pink at the intersection of white.


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