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Excellent! If you ride through the Tilcon Lake area beware the bee hive in the mound of dirt separating the road from the gravel. If you rode over it like I did just hammer to get away from them. But don't let off too soon because there's another one a few hundred feet away. So keep it going until you see water.
Stephens was picture perfect today. Be aware, pulled 4 ticks off of me when I normally don't see 1.
Awesome trail conditions, everything was dry including the rocky overflow section. Get out and get some!
Got out with the girls on Good Friday - conditions were stellar...noticed some re-routes off of the white trail on the top of the mountain.

Looped through a MattyB ride and did some "exploring" thanks to Luke's Garmin files. Even saw some wildlife! Lots of smiles on this ride!
Got out for a quick loop yesterday afternoon (!!) conditions were dry and fast...rode through Tilcon area to short climb from road crossing, under tracks then right to short techy area and small stream crossing...up climb (new re-route?) downhill fun to pink maze..rode clockwise..then took single track on opposite side of rode back to car near the gate......needs some rain....starting to get very dusty is spots...
Ground was thirsty so trails are looking good! I love that I never see anyone in the woods here, but down side is overgrowth on the trails. I'll take that any day. Ride up, just don't forget the deet :D
Did about 18something miles there today with Reg and Jd... awesome awesome awesome! just a completely awesome ride. Conditions were great, a little slick at first, but it chilled out a bit after a while ... 29.24mile total for me.
Cheeks still sore from smiling. :)
Had a great ride here. When you're not looking for too much rocks or too flat of a ride. This is the place but it's very overgrown ATM
Can't wait to get out there's been awhile. Hope the deer flies, etc weren't too bad.
How has the rain been up here? Looking to ride tomorrow (Sunday) morning if its not bad.
How has the rain been up here? Looking to ride tomorrow (Sunday) morning if its not bad.

Haven't ridden there since last Sunday, but it was perfect conditions when I was there. The canal trail off Continental Dr may be a bit wet. Other than that, I would expect it to be in great shape.

There may be some overgrown areas, so be prepared for some sticky thorns.
I was there this Thursday and everything was pretty dry. Check out the new trail at the bottom that bypasses the always thorny and overgrown section running through private property. After going under the train tracks and making the left just before the stream and riding for a while, right before the clearing watch on your right for the new trail. It pops back out just to the right of the gravel road going up the hill to the compost heap. It's a good bit of climbing and a bit spongy, just needs to get used.
Was out there today with a Larry (Daytona), his friend Chris, JohneeO, and JD Gang. Trails are in great shape; dry and fast. Looks as if some of the overgrowth was cut back in several places. Thank You!!!
Has anyone checked out the trail up to the mulch pit lately? Is it way overgrown?
Has anyone checked out the trail up to the mulch pit lately? Is it way overgrown?

I was up there yesterday and it wasn't bad at all. Some overgrowth in the brush area right before you get to the road up top, but not much else that comes to mind. Looks like it was trimmed back a little while ago, but it wasn't nearly as overgrown as when I was there in the middle of the summer.

Question I have is what is the story with the trail that continues across the road that brings you clockwise around the mulch pit? The last time I was there it looked like it hadn't been ridden in a while and was badly overgrown. I glanced over that way yesterday when I came out on to the dirt (millings, actually) road and it still looked not so great, so I skipped it and went right on to the road and back into the woods at the end of the clearing. I always thought it was a fun little section so I was just curious.

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